Fireplace For Your Home Presents: Romantic Moods DVD #3

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Your perfect evening! Everyone loves the warmth of a crackling romantic fireplace or the flickering of candles. Now you can enjoy a perfect fire or candles instantly, on any television. The Fireplace For Your Home DVD series provides the comfortable pleasure of a glowing fireplace without any mess. Easy to use, Fireplace For Your Home DVD plays automatically and keeps burning all night long. No installation, no wood to haul, no matches or harmful fire starters. Easy as can be, just play it from your DVD player. The fireplace starts automatically! Then sit back, relax and enjoy the endless comfort only a cozy fireplace can give. Play it in your living room, bedroom, home office or anywhere! Set the mood for a romantic evening, or create the perfect backdrop for entertaining your guests. It is a great gift idea for small children and adults who have trouble falling asleep at night. Everyone will enjoy the comfortable feeling of Fireplace For Your Home! UPC 758003171875