Aquarium For Your Home Presents: Saltwater Reef Blu-ray Disc #8

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See an amazing saltwater reef aquarium that took years to build and flourish. Watch the colorful starfish slowly move along and see the zany antics of the fish swimming around looking for their next meal. You’ll see glimpses of many different types of fish, and live aquatic plant life including coral. Look closely and you’ll see tiny white snails floating through the water and climbing up the front of your screen.

Choose a video track from the menu and it automatically loops and replays – no need to touch it again. It is never ending Aquarium fun! Also included are two bonus video segments: “The Goldfish Aquarium” and a relaxing “Cascade Mountain Stream.” This instant Aquarium is sure to delight young and old alike.

Runtime is 105 minutes.

UPC 9780976731085